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Who is Good Fairy

Our business card:  

Legal counselling and accounting
Pravno svetovanje, vodenje poslovnih knjig Golobinek d.o.o.
Šumnik 9
1272 Polšnik

Tax number: 95420029
Registration number:

Phone: 01 8973 906,
             01 8973 907,
Fax: 01 8973 907

bank account: SI56 0311 0100 0813 015 

Good Fairy is a villa in the country side, far away from crazy world. Small idyllic village Šumnik lies under the hill Ostrež (856m) and is 2 km away from the main Zasavska road, between Litija and Zagorje ob Savi (50 km from the capital Ljubljana).  

We are a family business, which runs from 1989. Our main service is legal and tax counselling and accounting for all forms of legal status. There are four employees, dedicated to high professional work and constant learning.  

Good fairy is a result of our efforts to provide our business partners the possibility to relax and gather in a less formal way. With the spreading of our main service, we would like to contribute also to the development of our company in the field of tourism, education and other related activities. We would like to open our doors to those, who need peace and relaxation in untouched nature and want to do something good for themselves, for their partners, co-workers, friends and family.