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Family tourism

Good Fairy knows that family is the most important in life. 

No, there is no sea, no crowd, no cars nearby, as you are in the middle of the playground in the nature. The dog and many cats and bees and dears play around freely. Why don’t you bring your children to play with them? Also the grown up kids can play – farming

 At the Good Fairy farm you can pick bio cherries, apples, pears, strawberries and other fruits of nature. If you wish you can join also some farmer’s activities, which can also be funny and relaxing. 

The youngest can enjoy nature without worries and can bring also their pats. They can build a tent, sleep in a barn or make a research in a nearby forest. If there is too hot while playing, there is a small swimming pool for kids, while the parents can relax in a wellness centre. Good Fairy will provide for unforgettable night and adventure.

For the hungry ones the parents can take care in a fully equipped kitchen. There is also a laundry.