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Intact nature and sport

Good Fairy is in the middle of the nature and far from crazy world. Surrounded by forests and meadows. Šumnik is small, idyllic village, lied to the hill Ostrež (856m) in the heart of Slovenia.  

If you lake nature and peace, you can find many challenges for exploring the nature, hiking, mountain biking, mushrooms picking and exploring the herbs. The dears and other animals are still freely wondering around freely. 


You can take a walk from Good Fairy to the nearby hill Ostrež (856m), which will take you from 30’ to 1 hour one way. 
In June you can join the Church to church march. Good Fairy is also a starting point for the trip to Kum (1220 m), or trip to Zasavska planinska pot, European walking path E6 or Levstik path.

Mountain biking

The way form main road to Šumnik and further to Polšnik is climbing, which is perfect for recreative bikers. More demanding ones can test their abilities on the steep forest paths to and from Ostrež. 

There are also other sport options in the nearby communities of Litija, Zagorje ob Savi and Trbovlje (rafting, horse riding, skiing, flight with balloon or airplane.